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An identity for the New York production company Paradise

PARADISE is a new-age production company that thrives on connection by exploring novel modes of storytelling. We were invited to define and express a new visual identity that highlights the company’s marked innovation, emotion, and visual dynamism. 

The new logotype takes inspiration from the 16-by-9 ratio medium and is set in a high contrast black and white color palette that echoes classic cinematic title design. The custom ligatures—created for the Adobe Originals Willow typeface—maintain a concise footprint and evoke the spirit of collaboration. Typographic moments are activated as project stills float in and out of the logotype.

The typography used in companion with the PARADISE logotype is Publico. Released by Commercial Type, it is a distinctive serif typeface, with open counterforms and a Dutch-influenced structure. Its exaggerated contrast between thick and thin strokes cater to readability.



Identity Design


New York


Project Team
Shannon Jager
Catarina Freitas
Lourenço Providência